Chasing Financial Freedom

261: Breaking the Cycle of Failed Resolutions with Resilient Tactics

January 03, 2024 Ryan DeMent Episode 261
Chasing Financial Freedom
261: Breaking the Cycle of Failed Resolutions with Resilient Tactics
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As we ring in the freshness of 2024, I'm laying it all on the line with personal goals that could very well be the making of me. In the latest heart-to-heart on True Talk, we unpack the nitty-gritty of not just dreaming big but staying the relentless course. If you've ever felt the sting of January's failed resolutions or wondered how to convert your aspirations from fleeting thoughts to reality, this episode is your blueprint for success.

Listen as I share my 12 ambitious targets for the year, including four that are set to stretch my limits to the max. We confront the sobering truth that a whopping 90% of goal-setters stumble in the early rounds, but I'm here to arm you with the tenacity and tactics to join the victorious 10%. Discover the mental muscle needed to persevere, the value of having an ironclad support network, and why your unwavering commitment will be the ultimate game-changer. This isn't your typical pep talk; it's a rally cry for the steadfast warriors ready to turn their potential into their legacy.

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Speaker 1:

Happy 2024. I hope your year is starting out well. I know it is January 1st, but guess what? Today is a day that you get to start all over again, but now is the time to follow through. So today, guys, on True Talk, I wanna talk about following through and being consistent with what you are trying to accomplish. I know we all have put goals out and we're trying to accomplish them for 2024, but the big difference in people that are successful in life, whether it's business or personal, they stay dedicated and consistent with achieving their goals. Even when the crap hits the fan, they are still pushing forward. So, guys, I have about 12 goals that I'm trying to hit this year and I would tell you that there are four of those 12 that are very stretch goals that are going to push me to my limits. But am I going to give up on them? No, I'm gonna continue to push throughout the year. See where it takes me and I am not going to adjust down. So, guys, I don't know how to say this other than every year, 90% of people that put goals together fail within the first several weeks of January. Whether you're trying to go back to the gym, lose weight, quit smoking, quit drinking, get a better job, start a business, turn your side hustle into a full-time business, whatever it is. It all relies up here in between your ears. How bad do you want it and how much work are you going to put in to hit that goal? Do you have any type of accountability? Do you have somebody in your life that can help you through this? Do you have a coach? Do you have a mentor? All these things you gotta think about when you're putting your goals together. But the one thing I keep on going back and I will never stray from this is if you are consistent in what you're trying to do. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, it may not be two weeks from Tuesday, but you will accomplish your goal if you stay consistent at it. There are gonna be days that you get knocked down. There are days that you're going to be strong and get through a bunch of stuff, but when you're consistent in what you're doing, you can achieve your goal. And I know I sound repetitive, I sound stupid, but guess what? It's part of life. Life is hard and we can't put out one video and expect it to go viral in one click. It doesn't work that way. It neither does life. So, guys, start out on the right foot. Have attainable and stretched goals for 2024. Dick Witham, get an accountability partner to help you, a mentor, a coach, a family member, a husband, a wife, a girlfriend, whatever. But don't give up, keep fighting. You're worth achieving those goals and I know you can actually get there. Have a good one, guys talk to you later.