Chasing Financial Freedom

263: The Fabric of Success Weaving Through Real Estate Ambitions and Failures

January 17, 2024 Ryan DeMent Episode 263
Chasing Financial Freedom
263: The Fabric of Success Weaving Through Real Estate Ambitions and Failures
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Embarking on a quest to transform my entrepreneurial dreams into a thriving reality, I found myself immersed in the rigorous journey of a 90-hour pre-licensing real estate course in Arizona—all while spearheading current business ventures. The pulse of anticipation beats fiercely in this episode, as I recount the sleepless nights spent devising a blueprint for a comprehensive community that encompasses licensed realtors, loan originators, and trusted construction services, all culminating in a soon-to-launch, exclusive community website.

Then, we strip away the gloss and glamour to reveal the unvarnished truth about failure's crucial part in sculpting success stories. Through sharing personal setbacks and the resilience they demanded, I aim to fortify your resolve in facing adversity and chasing your dreams relentlessly. We tease the arrival of next week's inspirational guest, ensuring even more motivation is on the horizon. Remember, from the stumbles and falls of today emerge the triumphs of tomorrow—so join us and continue writing your own success narrative.

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Speaker 1:

Have you had one of those dreams that just woke you up in the middle of the night and you're like, oh my gosh, why am I not doing this? I've had that for the last several nights in a row and it's like what am I missing? And, guys, this dream is nothing earth shattering, it's just Allowing my business to grow and thrive and I'm not taking advantage of it and I'm not pushing myself hard enough, or at least I don't think I'm pushing myself hard enough. So this dream that's reoccurring to me is building an entity that has license realtors and license loan originators and also a connection to construction, a general contractor and then also title, which by law we can't own a title company, but we can have a relationship or recommend. I should say, again, not earth shattering, but it creates an ethos for my business to thrive, to where I bring somebody in and we can provide them all the services they need. But better yet, they are now part of our community and we're building this tribe through true community, our nonprofit, not saying all these people would Become part of that, but that's what I'm trying to do is build a community in a tribe for our businesses, and I've been struggling with this and I think on a couple episodes ago I Spoke about how I'm gonna get licensed as a realtor. I'm working on the pre licensing. I'm two weeks into it and about 25 26% into it. It's a struggle, man. 90 hours to get done is a lot, plus everything else that I'm doing in life is tough Doesn't mean it's not gonna get done. It may not get done in 30 days, which I first initially wanted to do. We might be 45 days or we might be 60 days out, but we're going to get it done. And the platform that I'm using to get licensed for Arizona is called Acible agent and I love it. It's interactive, it's witty, it's sarcastic, there's videos and there's true Scenarios that are helping. But the back to the whole aspect of the dream. Guys, when you have a dream and it continues to hit you like this, what are you doing? What are you doing about it? For me, I woke up, finally, this morning and I started writing down a bunch of different ideas that I wanted to address, and I've got a laundry list of eight things that I need to address and I need and I need to work on them. But at the same time, being a new loan officer, I have things that I've got to work out on that side of the business to make sure that I'm producing, making sure that I'm getting that done. I also have 13 new houses to sell on Bayard Park, so I've got to get that done. But I am so pumped up that we can create a community and our general contractor, jesse, is all over the true community and in creating that aspect he's got all these great ideas. Now We've got to get them on paper. The second piece of this dream is surrounding myself with people that are not just smarter than me but think differently than me, because Jesse is a visionary and a dreamer. He gets stuff done. He can see that I'm just an operator. You give me the nuts and bolts and and I'm gonna start putting it together. Give me the data, I can put it together. But when you surround yourself with people that actually Think differently than you, act differently than you, that are not going to give you a yes answer, is huge, and I'm just starting to See that come to light, because I've been bootstrapping for so long to where I've always been in the business working on it, or in it working in the business instead of working on the business up here that I can finally see that there's some light at the end of the tunnel, that we will be able to stop bootstrapping, start bringing people together and be able to work the business plan and hit those goals and make sure that we're connecting Our clients to the right people that need help. It's huge and it just boggles my mind that it took several Dreams for me to realize that I'm on that path already. But I'm not quite there yet, because there's so much more to be done and when I think about all this, I do get overwhelmed. I get overwhelmed by far, but if I'm able to break it down into smaller steps, things that need to be done along the way, I think that is helping me. I still get anxious and I get anxiety about how we're going to do all this. I just have to have faith that if we plan it, the man upstairs takes care of us, we're going to make it happen, and every single day we're getting closer and closer to more people that are in that sphere of influence that we need within this building block of business, but also they're creating momentum, and to be able to effectively harness all of this and move it forward is life changing, because it's not going to just be life changing for myself. It's going to be a life changing for everybody involved and the individuals that we impact and individuals that we are working with within our community. Is it going to be perfect along the way? No, we're going to have hiccups because we're already talking about creating a website which would be member only to where we can offer services anywhere from real estate services to handyman services to where you have to be accepted into the community. It's not going to be. There's no pay, it's free, but people will be able to go on to message boards and be able to ask questions or say I need some landscaping work done or I need a sidewalk port, or whatever the case is. That's going to be life changing for people, knowing that they can really count on true community for them to get services completed on time, reasonably priced, and they know that people are going to show up, because there's a challenge with service providers not showing up on time. And doesn't matter if you're a first time home buyer or a fifth or sixth time home buyer, when you can't get service providers showing up and charge you a reasonable price for their services, that's just crappy in itself. That's the dream. That's what I'm working on. That's what's keeping me up at night, that's what's keeping me dreaming. The other piece that I wanted to talk about and, guys, I know I've been on and off with guests. I've had some guests that have just either canceled they've gotten sick because that's going around like I had it a couple of weeks ago or they need to reschedule, and I guess that is a downside of booking people out two to three months in advance. So I've pulled back on that. So now I'm only booked out till March of next year and going to make sure, or March of next year, march of this year we're in 2024, duh and I'm going to make sure that I'm on top of those guests. So you guys are getting value out of what I'm putting out, because, for me, I don't want to be the guy talking all the time. I want to listen and learn, but there's times where I want to share things like this dream that I've had over and over again. I think that's critical, because we all have dreams and we all have to be able to just execute and go. It isn't going to be perfect, it might not be pretty, but you need to do it, because if you continue to wait for that perfect moment. It just falls apart and it's horrible. Then you'll have regret. I saw this video and I digress of a nurse that helps people in assisted living, that pretty much she talks to them till they're on their death bed and then they pass, and she's writing a book about the top 12 things that these individual talk about that they feel they've messed up in life and the number one thing is not going after their goals and their dreams, whether it be traveling or starting a business or a family, whatever. They all regret it because they said they waited for that perfect moment and the perfect moment never happened. But if they were working on it and continued to push forward, they felt like they were going to accomplish that goal and they were winning. And some of them, later in life, actually did that and they feel like they didn't catch up on time, but they did actually start creating memories that they wanted to have from those goals, but they really regretted not going. So, guys, if you take anything away from this listen to your dreams, go after your goals. Who cares if you fail? Fails part of getting to success, and if you don't actually put yourself out there, how are you going to succeed in anything that you do If you just stay in this little bubble that you call life and you then want all these great things, what are you going to do? You can't do a damn thing without it. Go out there, fight for your dreams, make sure that you're going after what you want to accomplish, because the last time I checked, we only get one life. We only get one shot. So why continue to let fear and change drive your life? It's just, it's not worth it, and so many people struggle with that. And then they wonder why they're so upset because they're so anxious about their life and where they're at, instead of actually writing down the goals that they want to achieve and then find small steps that actually work to get you to that bigger goal. You're not going to be able to start running a marathon tomorrow when you're out of shape. It's going to take months for you to get there, but if you're not willing to put the time and effort in, how are you supposed to get anything back in return? Life is crappy, it is tough at times, but if you want to put the time and effort in, you're going to win. Failure is not a four letter word. It is part of the success track. How many people in life that have been successful, that are successful, that they haven't failed along the way? I don't know about you. I don't know very many that aren't or shouldn't say art that have not failed. So go out there, get it, guys. I hope you have a great day. I do have guest schedule for next week. Stay safe, stay healthy. I'll see you guys on the other side.

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