Chasing Financial Freedom

Business is Not a Numbers Game. It's a People's Game with Nicky Billou

October 26, 2022 Ryan DeMent Season 4 Episode 32
Chasing Financial Freedom
Business is Not a Numbers Game. It's a People's Game with Nicky Billou
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Chasing Financial Freedom is a podcast where we explore the journey toward financial freedom. We shed light on useful strategies and information that will help you achieve what you want in life. Our guest today is Nicky Billou. Nicky believes business is not a numbers game. It's a people's game. Life is all about people, and business is all about people. Nicky loves people! We will discuss how to get back to who we are as humans, how technology has impacted our society, and how we live our lives and serve others.

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Business is Not a Numbers Game. It's a People's Game with Nicky Billou

[00:00:00] Ryan: Hey guys, Ryan DeMent from Chasing Financial Freedom Podcast. I hope you guys are having a great day today on the show we have Nicky Billou and he's an award-winning author or bookseller or world-renowned. I'm gonna make these up as I go along cuz he gave me the tidbit before, but I'm just gonna wing it.

He's considered the millionaire maker. And he also has an award-winning podcast himself that I hear is in the top 10 in doing very well. Nicky, welcome to the show. Ryan, it's an honor to be here man. Thanks for having me on. You are more than welcome. So before we jump into, what you do, who are you?

Tell listeners a little bit about yourself and what you have going. Absolutely. Let me start by telling you my backstory. 

[00:00:48] Nicky: I'm originally a 

[00:00:50] Ryan: Christian from the Middle East I from Iran. And when I was a young boy, the Islamic Revolution was happening in Iran. And my late father, God rest his soul, he could see the writing on the wall.

This was not gonna be a great place for him to raise his Christian family. So he got us out of I. And brought us eventually to Canada. And I thank God every day that he did that. I don't know if you've been following the news, Ryan, but in the last few weeks there have been massive demonstrations in Iran.

Young woman, 22 years old, her name was Ma Amini. She was caught by the morality police outside for the crime, quote unquote, 

[00:01:31] Nicky: of being outside with her hair, partially uncover. They literally beat her to death. You think about that. 

[00:01:39] Ryan: Yeah. Iranian women have been outraged by this. They've been stepping out into the streets 

[00:01:45] Nicky: demonstrating, and over 200 of them have been killed by the regimes, thugs, 

[00:01:50] Ryan: and the demonstrations are going on in Iran and around the world that all these women are asking for is basic human rights.

The ability to be able to go outside without needing to cover themselves, because that is the. According to the tyrants in charge, in Iran's theocracy or thug ocracy is really a better way to put it. And I know it's very fashionable these days in, in America and in almost every western country 

[00:02:16] Nicky: to say, Oh my God, America so oppressive, so racist, so sexist.

My pushback on that is bullshit. This is the most tolerant, incredible, wonderful society on earth. Those that say otherwise are evil and must. Firmly opposed because freedom is precious and the only condition necessary for the triumph of evil is for 

[00:02:38] Ryan: good men and women to stand by and do nothing. So that's kind of me on my soapbox to get started with.


[00:02:45] Nicky: my father, my late father, he 

[00:02:47] Ryan: was an entrepreneur. He's the greatest man I ever knew, if 

[00:02:50] Nicky: dad knew you and you needed a 

[00:02:51] Ryan: job, he'd go get you a job. If 

[00:02:54] Nicky: you wanted to get a start in business, he'd help you get started in business. Even if you were gonna compete with him. He didn't care about that.

He just wanted to help people. And if you worked for him and you were looking to buy a house, a car, an apartment, but you didn't have enough money, dad would make sure you were able to buy that car, that house, that 

[00:03:10] Ryan: apartment. And you might think to yourself and say to yourself, 

[00:03:14] Nicky: Who does that? The late great Napoleon Bou did.

You might think, Why would he do that? First of all, he was a Christian. He believed he'd been blessed by God Almighty, and it was his obligation to share those blessings with others. Secondly, he did it because he could. He had the financial wherewithal as a successful entrepreneur to be able 

[00:03:36] Ryan: to make that happen for himself and for the people he chose to.

[00:03:41] Nicky: And me, Dad was my hero. I wanted to be just like that. So 

[00:03:45] Ryan: I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to help people. And when I, grew up, that's what I ended up doing. . And here's what I noticed, Ryan. There's a lot of people, good people, good men, and women with good 

[00:03:57] Nicky: hearts, entrepreneurs, but they just held themselves back from success because they didn't wanna come across as pushy or salesy or wreaking of commission.

Brett, You know what I'm talking about. And so they would go after the 

[00:04:10] Ryan: sale, when they should be going after the sale. 

[00:04:13] Nicky: And as a result, these good men, these good women, their businesses suffered and the people they could have helped suffered because a good person wouldn't help them. Instead, some charlatan marketer, somebody with no compunctions, no sense of doing right for another person would get their business because they were good at selling the sizzle 

[00:04:34] Ryan: and they didn't care whether.

Not a result or not. And as a was, this went down in the world and I saw this man, it broke my heart and I just saw, wow, 

[00:04:45] Nicky: what if we could help these folks see things differently? 

[00:04:47] Ryan: What 

[00:04:48] Nicky: if instead of selling, we helped them reframe that to serving. 

[00:04:51] Ryan: Nobody wants 

[00:04:52] Nicky: to be sold, Ryan. You don't want to be sold.

I don't want to be sold, 

[00:04:56] Ryan: but we all want to be served by someone who cares by an. . And so that was the first thing that I learned is that in order to create, a massive income for yourself, massive success, financial freedom, you needed 

[00:05:09] Nicky: to first understand the person sitting in front of you is someone's father, someone's mother, someone's son, 

[00:05:15] Ryan: someone's daughter, someone's brother, someone's sister.

They're a hero to. 

[00:05:20] Nicky: They have been disappointed by life and maybe even disappointed by someone just like you selling them a wonderful 

[00:05:28] Ryan: story and delivering nothing. So 

[00:05:30] Nicky: your job is to come from the heart first and foremost, okay? Secondly, you cannot sound like everybody else. You can't have some garbage mayo message, like someone can't come to you and ask you what do you.

I help people over overcome overwhelm. What the hell does that even mean? Mean? I help people get healthy. Yeah. Okay, great. What does that mean? Oh, I help people have better relationships. Yeah. None of that means anything. You need a tight, dialed in message, right? That is what will have you stand out because people, good people will know who you are if you don't have a tight dialed in message.

So we show people how to get a message that narrows their niche and allows. To stand out as the go-to expert. And I'll tell you a little story about this, 

[00:06:17] Ryan: Ryan. I had a man, he came 

[00:06:19] Nicky: to me, became a client. He was a young man. He was 25 years old. He was a personal fitness 

[00:06:22] Ryan: trainer. And Ryan, he was a good 

[00:06:24] Nicky: dude.

You know what I'm talking about? One of those people you wanted to be friends with, he wanted everybody you knew to 

[00:06:29] Ryan: know him. His name was Dan and he wanted to help people. He just wanted to help everybody, 

[00:06:33] Nicky: And you saw Dan coming, you couldn't help but smile. That's just what the kind of dude that he.

And you know what? He came to me though, and he had no idea he had that Mayo message, man. He had seven clients, and I'm going to him. All right, Dan, who do you help? How do you help them? Oh, I can help anybody and I can help them with anything. I'm like no. Dan. Seriously, I can really help anybody in with anything.

And I'm like, Oh, anybody with a wall, a pulse? He goes, , I guess so. And I said, 


[00:07:00] Ryan: that's not gonna work then. And he said, Okay, so what is gonna work? I said, You gotta narrow your focus. He said, All right. Alright. Okay, so 

[00:07:07] Nicky: maybe, you know what, I'll, I work with doctors. My dad's a doctor. They make a lot of money, and then he, they don't work out.

So I'm like, that's not much of a message, Dan. My dad's a doctor. You guys make a lot of money. Come work with me. It's not gonna fly. He tried it for a while. It didn't work. Then, you know what I said, you gotta switch this up. This ain't working. And he goes okay. I'll narrow my niche more.

You told me to narrow. I said, All right I got it, Nicky. I'm gonna work with cardiologists. Man, these guys, they make even more money than regular doctors. I'm like, Oh my God, that message sucks then. No. And it didn't work for him. And serendipity in the form of a message from our God al.

Struck in Dan's life, he started working with a man who was a Paralympian athlete. He'd lost his leg as a child in an accident. Wow. He was African Cuban, Afro Cuban, and he had a really cool name. Ryan Paitoon, and he insisted you pronounce it properly. You couldn't say Pepito Wilson. You'd have to go Paitoon, right?

So Patto and Dan, they got along, man. Dan really trained him, made him stronger, went back to the Paralympic games, won some medals. It was a good thing. I could just tell Dan this had woke up. It made him feel alive, and he came to me, he goes, Nicky, man, this has woke me up. It's made me feel alive, he says, I think I wanna work with people with missing limbs. I think 

[00:08:27] Ryan: I could really make a difference here. And I said, Man, Dan, that's awesome. Go for it. And 

[00:08:32] Nicky: brother, in six short weeks, 

[00:08:34] Ryan: he signed up 400 

[00:08:36] Nicky: clients, six weeks, 400 clients. Now you might be thinking yourself. How did he do that, Nicky? Great question.

The answer, Ryan, is, first of all, he didn't have a male message anymore. He had a tight dialed in message. I help people with missing limbs get strong and fit. I'm gonna make you strong and fit. Secondly, he had a market nobody else was going after other personal fitness trainers thought these guys have missing limbs.

They can't work out. Forget about it. Forget about it, talking about just what was Joe Peche and Goodfellas fuck down about it? And but not then. And you know what? That message landed powerfully. And you think about it. Why would that message land? First and foremost, Ryan, the message landed because I'm telling you right now, brother, people with missing limbs, that message hit them in their hearts cuz it was.

They're probably thinking I can't work out, or I can't do what other people can do. And Dan's message was, Yes, you can. You're just as strong and as good as anybody else. You can imagine that message landing, 

[00:09:43] Ryan: right? For people who maybe had a self belief that they weren't as good as anybody else, that they were somehow, 

[00:09:48] Nicky: Less 

[00:09:48] Ryan: capable, less than an able bodied person, And Dan's message said, Nope.

And it worked and it got him. He had to stop doing one on one clients. He had 

[00:09:59] Nicky: to start doing group clients. He made $1,300 on a good month before this. He added not one brother, but two zeros to his annual income to his monthly income. Right? 1300 a month, two zeros a month, bro. That's big deal.

That's the power of caring about a human being, and that's the power of having a tight dialed in message to a very specific group of people, 

[00:10:21] Ryan: bro. Oh yeah, for sure. That's. If if I could learn anything and go back in time and being a two time failure at business, working in corporate America never taught me how to be one, a fisherman and two to fish properly.

And what you're talking about is exactly like that. If you don't have a passion, a mission, a dialed in message, it never, it's not gonna work. And if it's only about the money, you're dead in the water. And I'm living success of that two times in. Third time as a charm and we're working on some more other stuff.

So that's, that is cool that he did that and was able to dial it in, find his passion and really help those people, cuz that one makes a difference in the world, but two, that's gotta, that's gotta feed his soul like there's no tomorrow. 


[00:11:08] Ryan: sir. Yes sir. It's exactly what he did. It's that's pretty awesome.

Can we go back to a little bit about your story and your dad and so forth, and how, what age were you at when you got the bug to really become an entrepreneur? When did you really see your dad start doing the things that he did? And it just started clicking for you? Yo Man, I saw saying that's what I saw it all my life.

I had a, the greatest example, there was never a question in my mind that at some point I was going to get into my own business. It took me a while to actually do it, but yeah, dad was a great example for me that way. What stopped you or slowed you down from doing it?

I don't know. Anything stopped me, man. It just, went to school and in, initially after school that was what we were all taught is, go get a job first and then go start your own thing. So that's what I did. I got a job, . So you just followed the path. Stayed in the workforce for a while, but not too long.

I've been an entrepreneur, for over 20 years, and I was in the workforce for about eight and a half. Okay. So you followed the path and then decided that you were gonna bucket and do your thing. So what was your very first business that you started? I was in the health and fitness field myself actually.

Cool. I had a health and fitness coaching practice. I worked with some Olympic gold medal athletes. I worked with multi billionaires. I had a brand called the CEO Health Coach. I wrote a book and never published it, but it's written, it's in . It's actually up on Create Spaces as an uncompleted project.

I got into that. it's one of the things I'll tell you that taught me the four qualities that everyone needs in order to, make a seven figure year income. Should I share them the four qualities of how to become a seven figure year income? Ernest? Yeah. Let's hear it. So you need to be decisive.

You need to be committed. You need to be coachable, and then you need to be, , and I'll tell you a story about how all these four kind of came together for me. There'd been a point where I'd been married and was going through a divorce, an unexpected divorce, and I just was in a poor me state, oh my God, what was me? It's not my fault. It wasn't taking any responsibility for anything. And the one. I went to see a man deliver a business talk, and it really spoke to me, So at the end of the talk I walked up to him and I said I really liked your talk. Fellow's name was Bill. And I said, Bill, I think I'd like to hire you.

And I said it with a lot of trepidation cuz I had no money, no idea how I was gonna hire him. But I I felt, compelled to go speak to him. And he looked me up and down and he said, Yeah. He said I charge $5,000 for five hours of coaching. I offer no guarantees and I take payment in full in advance.

And I'm like, Whoa, , 

[00:13:43] Nicky: man, that's more money than I have right now. A lot. I guess I had nothing. So it was a lot $5,000 

[00:13:48] Ryan: for than I had. And I told him and he said, I'm gonna do your favorite kid. He wasn't that much older than me, but he called me a kid. It was funny. He said I'm gonna give you some free coaching.

It doesn't matter how much money you have, it doesn't matter how many resources you have, matters how, but change. So if you want change badly, you'll become resourceful and you'll find a way to do this. You'll make a decision to go make all this happen because successful people decide. Decide quickly. And I said, All right I got it.

So gimme a couple. He said, Okay. I don't think you ever hear from me again. But I I went to a few people I've been talking to about doing business with me who had been hemming and hauling and not making a decision. So I said, Hey, I got good news. 

[00:14:41] Nicky: You need to lose weight and I need money, so I'm gonna make you the deal of a century.

I'm gonna give you half price over the lives. I quote, But the catch is you need to say yes or no now and you need to pay me by the end of this call cuz I need the money. So what do you say? 

[00:14:59] Ryan: And 

[00:14:59] Nicky: Couple of them said yeah. All right, 

[00:15:01] Ryan: So I got a thousand each from two guys and I went back to this fellow and I said, Hey Bill, here's a couple 

[00:15:07] Nicky: grand.

And he said no. I said, Five grand . And I looked at him and I said, Look, Bill, how many times have you given. Each over the years. He goes, I was already 40 times. I said, Besides me, who else ever came money? He said, Oh, nobody. You're the first. And I said, All right, take my money 

[00:15:32] Ryan: and I'm gonna sign a contract.

I'm committing to pay you within, X period of time. And he said, Okay. So anyways, long story short, is that. Within six months, I made six figures. And just keep in mind, I hadn't made any money for a long time prior to that. And I paid 'em off within a month and I never looked back. 

[00:15:58] Nicky: And 

[00:15:58] Ryan: that was the power of these, four qualities of a seven figure, six to seven figure business.

You have 

[00:16:04] Nicky: to be decisive. You have to make a decision immediately. Cut off all the alternatives. You gotta be committed. You can't be a dabbler or a hobbyist and 

[00:16:11] Ryan: kick tires, right? And you gotta be coachable. You gotta take the coaching. I took this man's coaching. Whatever he told me to do, I did it instantly.

And then you gotta be resourceful. You gotta come up with the money, you gotta have the energy, you've got to put in the time to be successful. That really was when I took my entrepreneurial journey from, 

Barely better than a job to like making serious money. And was that in the health and wellness space too?

No I switched. I switched and I moved into helping people with mindset, The champion. Like I said, I work with a lot of top performers, Olympic gold medalists, and world record holders. Billionaires I worked with the best of the best. They all wanted me cuz I was the best of the best when it came to physical training.

I had a very powerful brand, a lot of people, so I really got to understand the mindset of the best performers and that's how I positioned myself. I'm gonna help you perform like a gold medal athlete in your business. It worked . That's awesome. So you take off you're going, that route, you're getting six figures going already.

What's the next notch or the next step up in your business in this journey? What happens next? I learned to value myself and what I charge had to reflect that and I taught that to a bunch of people once I. Most people in business, when they're in the serving business, they undercharge.

If someone's a coach or a consultant or a, some sort of expert speaker, they just, they don't value themselves and that there's a problem with that. When you undercharge and undervalue yourself, you actually rob the client of the value of their Think about this, Ryan. Let's say you were a relationship coach, okay?

I know you're not, but let's say you were, let's say you worked with 

[00:18:00] Nicky: men who 

[00:18:00] Ryan: were going through relationship breakups, their wives that left them and your promise was that, I'm gonna make your life great again. Okay? And you talked to, somebody and this fellow's wife had left him and he was a multimillionaire business owner.

He was about to lose half his fortune, minimum, was gonna lose three, four, $5 million. He's gonna lose his. Emotional pain, right? I need your help. Let's get started. What are you charge? And you said, Oh, 50 bucks . He's gonna go, What? 50 bucks? That doesn't make any sense. Like you're saving him millions and you're charging him $50.

The way that I teach people how to, you know how to charge, because I learned this myself, was you gotta charge based on the value of the outcome that you. . So if you're gonna save this man, three to 5 million, you should be charging him $50,000 to work with you. , you're not gouging 

[00:18:55] Nicky: him that I'm not into gouging people.

What you're doing 

[00:18:57] Ryan: is you're showing this fella that 

[00:19:01] Nicky: you're serious and then he'll show up because if you don't charge him enough, he won't show up. Then he won't get the outcome and then robbed them. You robbed them. That's important. That's one 


[00:19:11] Ryan: the things we teach people to do is charge at a level that 

[00:19:18] Nicky: people show up to do the work.

And obviously it's 

[00:19:20] Ryan: easier for you to hit your goals in $50,000 increments than in $50 increments, right? So by far I wanted to help you make a million dollars as a relationship coach and only work 15 hours a week. 

[00:19:33] Nicky: Then I gotta show you how to charge according to value. The 

[00:19:36] Ryan: solution you offer probably gets you to.

With men with a net worth of $5 million out whose wives had left them. And I tell you to say your message is, I'm gonna take you outta hell. I'm gonna take you into heaven. Not gonna guarantee you're gonna get your wife back cuz I can't guarantee that's not up to just me and you. But what I am gonna guarantee you is that you're not gonna lose everything you got.

And if there's a 

[00:20:00] Nicky: shot at getting your wife back, we will get 

[00:20:02] Ryan: her. And if there isn't, then there isn't. At least we'll make sure you don't lose, You don't lose your divorce, you don't get divorce raped and all that good stuff right? Now, if I coached you in doing that and you know you wanted to make a million dollars this year, I'd say, okay, you're 

[00:20:17] Nicky: gonna charge 50,000 

[00:20:19] Ryan: to 250,000 ahead.

We want 20 men that you're gonna work with this year, maximum. And you're gonna tell 'em, I helped change the lives of 20 families. You don't get divorce, rape, your kids don't get completely traumatized and you've got a shot at living a great life and raising your kids well. That really will be the long and the short of what I would, show young men to do like yourself if you were one of my clients.

And we could probably get you into that position pretty quickly. I like how you call me young men, cuz I'm not that young. . 

[00:20:55] Nicky: There you go. I'm pushing. Everyone's a young man at my age, bro. . Oh, 

[00:21:00] Ryan: come on. How old are you? 

[00:21:03] Nicky: 55. 

[00:21:04] Ryan: Okay. I'll, I'm gonna be 50 next year, so I'm not too far behind you. 

[00:21:09] Nicky: You're still a young man.

You're a young pop.

[00:21:11] Ryan: Let's just keep on, let's keep on going down the road. You got an evolution and you've got all these great things going well. People that are listening to this podcast, a lot of them are entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals that are looking to jump, that corporate wall or that cubicle, and they want to get out there and turn that side hustle into a job.

What are 

[00:21:29] Nicky: some the first thing they gotta do is they gotta buy this book. Cause this book was written for that man 

[00:21:35] Ryan: and that woman. Okay. 

[00:21:38] Nicky: It's called The Thought Leader. Thought Leader Attorney Table of Life. Okay, but look at the author's name, that handsome fellow,

[00:21:50] Ryan: So tell us a little bit about the book and what we can get from it. Not giving away at all, but you know some 

[00:21:56] Nicky: No. Look, this book is written in the form of a fable and basically it's got.

15 chapters to it and okay. 14 of those chapters really are, see, 13 of the chapters are really about the steps. Someone who's working in a corporate situation needs to take to get out of there and start their own thing. Okay, So one of them is Doubt Kills. It's Chapter two. Doubt Kills. Doubt Kills the Warrior.

The Warrior Kills. You can't allow 

[00:22:36] Ryan: doubt to take over your mind space, so you're done. Secondly, 

[00:22:39] Nicky: if you're going into a service based business, don't call yourself a coach. Worst thing you can do is call yourself a coach. 

[00:22:45] Ryan: You're not a coach, okay? You are 

[00:22:49] Nicky: a thought leader, an authority, and coaching may be one of the many ways in which you deliver your service.

Third, next chapter is don't go after everybody. People want to go after everybody. And then the next one is be known for solving one problem better than anyone else. 


[00:23:07] Ryan: let me talk a bit about that because 

[00:23:11] Nicky: business is about the three P seven figure solution. Shall I share with you the three P seven figure solution?

[00:23:19] Ryan: Yes, sir. 

[00:23:21] Nicky: So P number one, P number two, P three, it goes like this. All businesses is about solving acute problems for wonderful people. For wonderful pay. All businesses is about solving acute problems for wonderful people, for wonderful pay. If you wish to have a seven figure a year income, then you need to get clear on what are the biggest acute problems you can solve.

Who are the wonderful people that have those problems, and then own your value and charge them. Now, obviously that's easier said than done, right? Which is why folks like. And I in particular have a wonderful business helping folks figure all that out and figure out how to do it. Cuz it's one thing for me to just tell somebody.

It's another thing for them to own doing that. But that is really all you need to do. You follow these three P's, you 

[00:24:18] Ryan: will get to seven figures.

So how do we do it? How do we follow those Ps and some steps that you can share. You don't have to give away the secrets, but some. So number 

[00:24:30] Nicky: one is obviously you need to identify 

[00:24:33] Ryan: what is a problem, an acute problem 

[00:24:36] Nicky: you solve, right? So perhaps like the hypothetical 

[00:24:41] Ryan: example of Ryan Deit relationship expert.

You help, men solve a massive relationship problem known as potential divorce rape, right? Yeah. Secondly, perhaps you're a health and fitness coach and you solve 

[00:24:54] Nicky: this massive problem called type two diabetes and you help people reverse. Or perhaps like me, you help add one two zeros to people's annual income while working 10 to 20 hours less a week.

Those are the big three. The the Holy Trinity, as it were 

[00:25:10] Ryan: of acute problems inside our industry that people are willing to pay big money for relationship problems, health problems. and wealth problems. Money problems, right? And there 

[00:25:21] Nicky: are a gazillion variations of each of those, right?

 Mental health these days is a big deal. The covid lockdowns messed up a 

[00:25:29] Ryan: lot of people. In my experience, that could be a wonderful area if you've got expertise in that area to make a difference for people, as an example. 

[00:25:37] Nicky: So you gotta get that going and then you gotta know who's got those problems.

And you can't just go anybody 

[00:25:42] Ryan: like Dan did, who really has those problems. And you gotta figure that out. And then once you've got those two figured out, then you've got to make bold promises. 

[00:25:54] Nicky: Like in my industry, what I say to people is, look, if 

[00:25:57] Ryan: you're an expert, if you're a coach, if you're a consultant and you're making less than a half a million a year, a million a year, you're leaving a lot of money on the table.

And if you're working more than 

[00:26:09] Nicky: 45, 50 hours a week 

[00:26:11] Ryan: and making less than, half a million a year, 

[00:26:13] Nicky: 300,000 a. Man that's not good. That's not a situation you want to continue. That probably is gonna cost you health wise, right? That's probably gonna stress you out. You might lose your hair out in 

[00:26:24] Ryan: clumps.

It'll probably create financial stress, which means you'll also have relational stress, get into fights with your wife, your husband, yep. You won't 

[00:26:31] Nicky: be able to buy the things you wanted to buy. Maybe you won't be able to buy your dream home before you. That sort of thing. 

[00:26:37] Ryan: And then if that continues for another three months, six months, 12 months, 

[00:26:40] Nicky: that's horrible.

I say to you, if 

[00:26:42] Ryan: that's you and you've always wanted 

[00:26:44] Nicky: to make half a million, 2 million, $3 million a year, and you're not there and you've tried a lot of things and they're not getting you there you need to talk to Nikki Belu. And cause you. I've done it for a bunch of people and anybody that you want to talk to, any expert you want to talk to has gotta have a track record.

It can't be full of crap. They gotta love people, care about people. Ha have a good dialed in message. What's a better dialed in message in my industry than I'll help you add one to two zeros to your income while working 10 to 20 hours less per week. That's pretty tight. It's pretty dialed in, right? And that's the kind of message you wanna have created for you.

So if I can create it for myself, I can create it. Now the other thing is I'm an expert on being a guest on other people's podcasts and making money. So from June 1st to now near the end of October, I've generated almost $210,000 in sales from being a guest on other people's podcasts, right? So that's one of the, one of the secret sauce things that teach people.

There's a lot of people who are guests on people's podcasts, and they don't make any money from those appearances. In fact, almost everybody makes no money from those appearances. And then there's a lot of people who have their own podcast. and it's great. They, it gives 'em a lot of, 

[00:27:53] Ryan: Meaning and fulfillment, but they're not making any 

[00:27:55] Nicky: money from it.

Show folks how to do that too. That's 

[00:27:58] Ryan: the sort of thing that, that's important for people to learn how to take advantage of these, ways of making money that aren't necessarily gonna cost you a ton. For example, if you had a an online funnel 

[00:28:09] Nicky: and you did paid ads, man, that could cost you 10, 20, 30 grand a month.

[00:28:13] Ryan: Yep. It could really 

[00:28:14] Nicky: work. I'm not saying those things don't work because I know for a lot of people for whom they have, but if you're not a, an expert in this you may want not wanna start with that, you know what I'm saying? You may wanna build up your war chest doing some other things first, and then 

[00:28:26] Ryan: be in a position to be able to send, spend 10, 20, 30 grand a month on that sort of thing.

So those are some of the things that I believe are super, super important. I had a. I had a client and he, he was successful already. He made six figures a year. He wanted to make seven figures a year, and we started working with him. And his message was too generic, so we had him tighten up his message.

So he's in the real estate investment field. He doesn't work with newbies. He only works with you if you have at least 50 doors, 50 properties. That's who he works with. And I helped him figure that. and then we got him to do a podcast 

[00:29:04] Nicky: and go be a 

[00:29:05] Ryan: guest on podcast man within a year. That took him from six to seven figures.

real quick. Yeah. Yeah. It's, these are all cool things that you're talking about. Some listeners and people that I've interacted with on the podcast or in the past, They struggle with getting out of that routine or moving onto the other side of change and saying, Okay, change is a four letter word.

That's something I use. Yeah, how do you, how would you approach that or give some words of wisdom on these individuals that wanna get out of this rut that they're in, they're nine to five, and really hit entrepreneurship like you said in your book, you got. These people are passed out.

They're, I think they're more afraid of change. They fear it. That's a great question. All I can say to you, Ryan, is I don't have a great story to say, Man, I figured all this out. Life kicked me in the nuts, bro. I made changes when I had to, cuz God said, This is your path.

You're not listening, so I'm gonna kick you out of the nest, 

[00:30:01] Nicky: company I was working for went bankrupt. That's how I know her. 

[00:30:04] Ryan: Cuz I was taking my sweet time and God wanted me to be an entrepreneur. Wow. And it, sometimes it takes that, but I would advise you not to be like me and learn from my mistake and actually plan it and go do it yourself.

If you're gonna be like me, then 

[00:30:16] Nicky: God will. 

[00:30:20] Ryan: Painfully that you need to take this step and have to do it that way. , and there's in, and this is just in my own personal experience, it just seems like with Covid Lockdowns, there's more and more people afraid to make that leap.

People are afraid before, but for some reason with Covid, it's pushed him even further down that I call it a rabbit hole of. Just for the simple fact that they're afraid if they're, they go outta their comfort zone and they don't have a job, or they don't have this, that everything falls apart.

And it's I, when someone reaches out and talks to me about that through the podcast or whatever, I just say, Man if you're gonna sit there and be a coucher for all your life, how are you gonna become a climber? . And if you want this you actually gotta put yourself out there. You're gonna fail, man.

It's life. We all fail. We all, it is life fall flat on our face. And that's just part of life. But they're so afraid of failing. And it's are you gonna wait for it to be perfect? Are you gonna, are you gonna wait for it, to come to you? It's never gonna happen. You're gonna always sit here and.

Covid has amplified that so much now, 

[00:31:20] Nicky: cuz it's it wasn't covid, bro. 

[00:31:22] Ryan: It was the fricking reaction to Covid. The lockdowns. Yeah. Yeah. There you go. That too. Yeah. Yeah. Piss people up, and let's say is, listen, someone could listen to this and get inspired, but Yep. In my experience, if someone's afraid, they're either gonna find a way past their fear or they're not.

And if they don't find a way past their fear, they're gonna stay. , in my experience, someone will take action when the fear of not acting is bigger than the fear of acting correct. And when I'm talking to people, that's my job is to amplify the consequences of inaction. So when I have a conversation with somebody, when I have a discovery call, a success call with somebody, that's all I focus on is I want to help them see the consequences of inaction.

If I've done a good job, they'll act. If I haven't done a good job, they'll. . Yep. And that's really, But you can, 

[00:32:14] Nicky: And I'll tell you one last story, tell you 

[00:32:16] Ryan: one last story. A few years back, a woman was introduced to us who had been the country director for Canada, for one of the world's law personal development firms.

and she's great, terrific lady. And she brought someone on who she thought was very talented to help her run the company in Canada, kinda like Steve Jobs did with Apple back in the day when he brought John Scully on, right? And kinda like Steve Jobs did with Apple and John Scully, the two of them, after a 

[00:32:42] Nicky: while, stopped getting along.

And just like Steve Jobs, she got forced out of her own company, 

[00:32:48] Ryan: right? And she was lost. She 

[00:32:51] Nicky: was floundering. 

[00:32:52] Ryan: Spent 18 months not really figuring it. And someone introduced her to us. And anyways we helped her get focused. We helped her dial in her message and owner value cuz she was not gonna charge anything at first or undercharge.

And we had her owner value and she did really 

[00:33:09] Nicky: well. First month she did 10, 10002nd 

[00:33:12] Ryan: month she did 12,000. Third 

[00:33:13] Nicky: month she did 18,000. Fourth month she did 

[00:33:16] Ryan: $62,200, which is cool, a big result, right? And. 

[00:33:24] Nicky: She lives in Ottawa, which 

[00:33:26] Ryan: is about a five hour drive away from Toronto where I live.

And my eldest son, he plays high level soccer or as I like to call it the real football cuz it's actually played with your feet. , right? . 

[00:33:37] Nicky: He 

[00:33:37] Ryan: was 12 at the time and he had a tournament in Ottawa and so I called her. Because I knew she had a son his age and I said, Hey, I'm coming Ottawa for this tournament.

Would you and your son like to come watch a game, maybe have lunch with us after? And she goes, Yeah, sure. So she and her son came and watched the game and thankfully we won. And we all had lunch. It was great. We had a great time. And then, we drove back to Toronto. Few weeks later, we had one of our branded thought Leader immersion workshops that we do on a quarterly basis.

This is where we teach people all our methodologies for how add one to two zeros to your income while working 10 to 20 hours less per week. And anyways, we were at the famous part of the event where we did our famous upsell. . And 

[00:34:24] Nicky: during the upsell I don't talk too 

[00:34:26] Ryan: much. I actually like to let our clients talk for us.

It's way more effective that way, and we had eight new people in the room, plus a bunch of our existing, annual mastermind clients. And what I did was I asked if anyone 

[00:34:38] Nicky: wanted to share their experience and before I could pick anybody, she leap on stage and said me. And I'm like, Oh, ok.

Alright. Cool. She took a look around the room and she started to cry, brother. And like any red blooded man faced with a crying woman, I panicked. What did I do wrong? Why is she crying? ? And but I kept a calm exterior. She looks at me in between her sobs and her tears, and goes, Nicki, you didn't know this, but when you and your little son came to visit me and my little son came to me in that excited way little boys do, and said, Mommy, mommy, mommy.

Who are we gonna go meet? And she said, Oh, we're gonna meet Nicki Belu and his son. And 

[00:35:22] Ryan: she said, All of a sudden my sweet little boy became very serious, very quiet, and went, looked at me and said, Mommy, Are we gonna get to meet the man who saved our family? And wow. I looked at her. Ryan, I'm a Sigma man.

I'm not even an alpha 

[00:35:45] Nicky: man. I don't cry in public. 

[00:35:47] Ryan: You know what I mean? But I cried and we hugged. In between her tears, she said to me, Nicki, when I came to see you, I had not paid our mortgage in months. The bank was about to foreclose on our home. My husband and I were fighting every day in front of our three little children, and it looked like we were gonna break up and I was gonna lose my precious family.

And she looked at me and she said, You literally helped us save our family. So this taught me something. 

[00:36:23] Nicky: You never know what someone's dealing with. They may not be ready to tell you 

[00:36:26] Ryan: the hell that they're living in. They just don't know you well enough yet to fully open up. And 

[00:36:33] Nicky: Also, I 

[00:36:34] Ryan: know God meant for me to be of service to humans and to people like her.

And so I ask God to help me be worthy of his trust in me and to keep sending me more people like her to help. Long and short of it, brother. It was wonderful. And that's what I've been doing ever since. And another thing in the room, normally when the eight people are there, we hand out registration forms.

This is a big ticket full 

[00:37:05] Nicky: year program. Okay? This is , big ticket. And normally some people sign 

[00:37:10] Ryan: up right away, some people don't sign up, and some people need pers. And this time though, everyone signed up. No persuasion was necessary. And they signed up right away, instantly got the form, fill it out, handed it in, and brother, there had been two fellows who had told me they were, they knew I was gonna have some sort of upsell and they were not gonna sign up one in part.

He came to me, 

[00:37:40] Nicky: He said Nick, come in. Come. I'm like, What's up? He goes, Listen. I know you've got up. So coming. I know. See, I've been around the block. He said, I need you to know I'm not buying your upsell. No sir. I don't want you to be too disappointed. And , you had a lot of intensity coming my way.

And I'm like, Okay, pal. All good. And. 

[00:38:04] Ryan: Long and the short of it was he was the first person to sign up and he walked over to me after he signed up. He 

[00:38:12] Nicky: looked at me, pointed his finger at my face and said, You bitch, I'm said I,

but I guess you're not of crap. And I do need help . And that taught me something brother. That dude was not reacting. That dude was reacting to the 

[00:38:34] Ryan: last fella who he trusted, who ripped them off. 

[00:38:41] Nicky: And it's not my job to judge somebody for how they're showing up. 

[00:38:45] Ryan: It's my job to like love on them 

[00:38:46] Nicky: and be of service.

. And they will do what they will do. That's not up to me, That's up to them. But what I do and who I show up as, that's up to me. And 

[00:38:56] Ryan: I'm always gonna show up as someone who loves and who cares and wants to do something. Make people's lives better. And this is the last thing I want to share with you and your audiences.

If this is how 

[00:39:08] Nicky: you live and you take into account the other things I've been sharing here, you take some good notes from this show 

[00:39:15] Ryan: and all you do is apply what I've shared with you, you will create a massively more successful business than you currently have. That is so great and so powerful cuz it's, it is truly that I.

I'm living proof of it for myself. Like I said, the first two businesses failed because of greed. It didn't have passion, it didn't have purpose, and I wasn't serving. And now in our real estate business, we're serving we're starting to serve not just what we call workforce or affordable housing.

We're starting to work into veteran only communi. And other things to that extent. So now all a sudden it's broadening our scope and it's rewarding and it's also fulfilling at the same time because now you're taking somebody that thought they could never buy a home. Showing them the tools, how to get there, and now they get to pass those tools and those learnings on to their kids and other generations.

And that's very impactful for me. And it's rewarding. And unfortunately, I do cry. I've cried several times on camera and when we've done launches and families that we've impacted, man I just break down, man. It just, it's a lot because it took us a lot to, to help get them there. But they did the work.

We were just the cheerleaders and the supporters and made sure we held them accountable. They did the work, man. And when they get there it's life altering, it's life changing. They have a different trajectory in life and they're gonna go to some great heights. And it's just, I love it. It's just, it's fun.

That's great, man. Sir how could everybody get ahold of you if They want to chit chat. 

[00:40:46] Nicky: Best way. Go to my website, e circle 

[00:40:48] Ryan: There's a button in the top right hand corner that says, Book a call. Okay. Click on that button. There's an application form we ask everybody to fill out, is we're looking for people you know who are not hobbyists or tire kickers, but serious people fill out 

[00:41:05] Nicky: that application 

[00:41:06] Ryan: form.

The call is absolutely free of charge. Let me know you came from Ryan's show, being honor to have a conversation. . Awesome. I will also link that in the show notes so they know where to go with that. Appreciate it. You are more than welcome, sir. Thank you for coming on today. It's been an honor. Your story is powerful, inspirational, but also it is showing other individuals out there like myself, other people that want to, jump that wall, that there is more on the other side.

You just have to connect it to passion. And start serving those people that you really are passionate about. And that's huge. That is just huge. Amen brother. Amen. Thank you sir. I hope you have a great one and we'll be chatting. Looking forward to it, man. God bless you. Thanks for having me on the show.

God bless. Thanks.