Chasing Financial Freedom

From Triaging to Managing: Navigating the Intersection of Personal and Business Life

January 25, 2023 Ryan DeMent Season 5 Episode 4
Chasing Financial Freedom
From Triaging to Managing: Navigating the Intersection of Personal and Business Life
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In this episode, Ryan DeMent shares his journey of navigating the intersection of personal and business life. From the struggles of fighting through and making sure to get to the other side to learning to be creative and resourceful, Ryan shares his insights on the challenges of balancing both aspects of life. He also talks about the importance of having a clear plan for managing your personal and business life instead of just triaging the most pressing issues. 

He shares his experiences of how he has been able to execute a few things that he's been working on to get himself into a better place and how he's getting better at managing his personal life while growing his business. This episode is a must-listen for anyone struggling to balance their personal and business life. Join Ryan as he shares his insights on navigating this intersection and coming out on top. 

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From Triaging to Managing: Navigating the Intersection of Personal and Business Life

Hey guys. Ryan DeMent. I hope you guys have a great day on the podcast this week. Guys, I am finishing up my story. Things are moving along and I just wanted to be able to continue on this journey that I've started with you guys, but also know that fighting through and making sure that you get to the other side is the most important thing, and never giving.

Something I'm learning along this journey is I have a lot more fighting me than I thought initially, but I also can be creative and resourceful there were a few times I don't want to say just a few times, there are multiple times to where I felt I didn't have any levers to pull.

So if I needed to do something, I couldn't go do it or I didn't have a solution. and that, that probably hit me very hard in the anxiety department, just for the simple fact of, I had nowhere to go. I'm worried about the future and had nothing to do. When I say nothing, it shouldn't be anything. It's, I had no options.

It's amazing once you start sitting down and figure out what you're trying to. That things do change and they get better. Over the weekend I was able to execute on a few things that I was been, I should say, that I've been working on to get myself into a better place. Are they completely done?

No. And they're not, they haven't been realized yet, but they're further long than I thought they would be. But the other thing is the struggle between. Balancing your life, your personal life, and your business life, because those two intersect for me on a daily basis. And I have to make sure that I'm focused on both of them.

But they also have to have their own individual time to where you can clearly articulate what you're trying to do in each. And as you guys know, and I've shared in prior podcasts that I've had a plate full of personal life, and I still do. . I'm just getting better at managing it and I'll be the first one to admit I wasn't managing it very well.

I was triaging it, I was, whatever was bleeding the most got my attention first. And I can't do that for a long period of time. It's not sustainable. Why do you think emergency rooms struggle when getting people in and out cuz they're triaging based upon that, instead of having a little bit more of effective plan to say, okay, this is how we're going to handle things going forward.

You, you really can't get things to settle down. And when things settle down, everything gets great, but, Emergency room is similar to personal life, and it can be business life too. You get thrown a ton of crap all at once. And guess what? You're supposed to be able to take it on and fix it and put it in its place.

So over the weekend I got to think a lot more and trying to figure out what I really need to do to get myself really situated squared. And leveled up for everything that's gonna happen this year. And the first thing I said to myself was, I have to get my head right and when I, what I'm talking about is I've gotta be able to control the roller coaster ride of life and be able to even it out.

So if I do get hit with a problem, it doesn't. , it doesn't take me down low and then I have to come up high. I take a little bit of a blip and then I come back up. And I think the only way to do that is to find different outlets for myself. And when I say outlets personally, by doing other things other than just working or spending time with my family or with my dog Moose it has to be something constructive for my.

So my mind has the ability to release, not think about the future, and not think about anything else other than what I'm focused on. And that's tough because things in life that I like to do are, I don't want to say slim and none, but that's what comes to my mind is there are things that I love to do, but some of them cost money.

And things are tight right now, but that's life. , but there's other things you can go do. And I like to go outside, take my dog for a walk, go for a drive try a new place to eat, and see where that goes. But I'm learning more and more is that I've gotta be in touch with myself and understand how I react to things and I think this is just me trying to be a better human being, a better version of me.

because everything in life is not gonna be roses, and I'm not expecting it to be. But when I get hit, I tend to get hit pretty hard and then I've gotta figure it out and then I tend to shut down. When I say shut down, I get very quiet and I just, I go after it. And there's certain times you just have to step away and just not worry about something to clear your head.

I don't do that very often. I typically just keep on going and going. And yesterday I hit a wall and just said, I'm tired, I'm overwhelmed. I've got a lot on my plate personally and professionally, and I've gotta start weeding some of this out. And the only way to weed things out is to be able to focus the mind, prioritize, and start working your way down that.

Not triage guys, not what's bleeding the most. It's truly what do you need to get done first? The bleeding part, the, what's bleeding the most is that's emergency. It's always your hair's on fire. I've gotta have some downtime and some semblance of normalcy to where I can actually just focus on one thing at a time.

Get it done, move on. Instead of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 things at a time, and there's a moving bogie all the time. But yesterday I was able to sit down, put my thoughts on paper, prioritize what needs to be done in life, and understand where all that's at. and then start being able to execute on it and just start helping myself mentally emotionally and physically.

Cause that's the only way I'm gonna get through life is if I take care of myself. If I don't put myself first when it comes to health, then as the old adages, how you gonna love anybody else if you can't love yourself? And I haven't been doing that. I. I'm just not focused on me and making sure that I get what I need to have done and not have to stress over everything that I've got going on.

and that translates to business. Business has been a rollercoaster too, and working on funding sources and having multiple funding sources and then working through the market up and the market up and downs that are going on right now. Interest rates are high. How do you get creative with that? You have to have the exit strategies.

Five proven exit strategies that we have for the real estate market. and how many houses can we build this year, and where does that funding come from and what does that look like? All those things are part of my thought process on a daily basis, and always being concerned with how do I get to the next place?

How do I get to the next thing? How do I check the next thing off my list?

And that's not a mind of clarity. I have to have some clarity in my mind because ultimately it's just a bunch of rubbish. And the rubbish is not effective at all. And I'm sure you're out there too, thinking you've gone through periods of time in your life like this. And I am sure that it's been painful, but you got through.

I'd be curious, how did you get through it? What tips or tricks could you share of on how you got through it? And then what do you use today to continue to stay out of that space? And one of the things that I really try to focus in on the business side is just like on my personal side or what are the things I'm thankful for?

and when I get that out of my head and I put it on paper and I start looking at that, it makes me feel that much better. I, believe me, it doesn't go away. It's still stress. If there's an entrepreneur, excuse me, an entrepreneur out there that doesn't have this type of stress while running his or her business, then more than likely you're a unicorn and you got all this money and you're peachy.

But at some point in the entrepreneurial journey, majority of us do struggle with this and trying to figure it out, putting the team together, being surrounded by those people that you want to be surrounded by at that, at your dinner table, that are all trying to accomplish big things in life and have the same mentality for me, has not been as easy.

I'm trying to build that group of people. And I think that's, One of my daunting challenges to myself and, or just hard because I'm, I don't just open up to people. I want to make sure that, they're the right person to come in to my life. And see where it goes. It's not as easy as people make it to be, but once you find your, you find your group, you find your tribe.

It. , it makes life a lot easier. And I think I've started to add to my tribe, and I've got some people in there that are really starting to help me out. I just have to continue to build on it and not get frustrated that things are not transpiring as quickly as I thought they could be. And last week, I had a great conversation with another person that has been on the podcast.

All he does, he, he started numerous businesses, exited out of them all in the tech space. But now all he does is help entrepreneurs do pitches, for their business idea, blah, blah, blah. And I had him go through our pitch deck and to say the least he tore apart, which thank God he did, because now I get to reinvent it and be able to work on a better story that's more engaging that.

The reader or the potential investor more about what we're doing. But the other thing is I wanted to see that feedback because that truly is gonna help me grow as an entrepreneur, but also allow me to tell a story that can be consistent. So whoever I'm talking to, , I can tell them the same story that I've told to 5,000 other people.

And right now my messaging is not consistent enough. And that's just because I don't have the structure around it. And guys, if you're a small business owner, entrepreneur, and you're looking to raise capital, this has been my biggest trouble, bugaboo, whatever you want to call it, since I started a business, is raising capital and.

Has it brought me to my knees many times? Yes. But I'm not giving up and I actually feel like I'm in the right space. Cuz after last week's conversation about the deck, I didn't take it personally. I felt like he was helping me get on the other side of where I need to be or get to the other side of where I need to.

and provided me some very valuable insight to where I can go out, change the deck and prove it, get a consistent story, run it by people again, including him, and see where that's at. And then if I need to tweak it. But then once my message is locked down and I have that worked out, , then I get to go share that across platforms.

And one of the biggest things that I've been, my word is avoiding, but I'll just go with it. For right now, it's the first word that came to my mind is going on other podcasts. Cause I don't have a consistent message

and I want to make sure if when I'm done with our messaging for the capital raise and any future developments, we're. It's a consistent message. Anybody hears it across, social media, a podcast me on the phone, talking to other investors or other individuals. It's a consistent message.

It tells our story. It has a theme, and it resonates. And I think that's the biggest piece that I've been missing on the capital raise. Having a consistent story that resonates and people can relate to it. I know some of the feedback that I've gotten from people is they like the story, but we weren't offering a large enough roi.

So we've looked at that and we've updated that to, take some of that feedback. So that's one piece of the pie. The other piece is the. and it's gonna be evolving story. I don't know if the first or second or third iteration of the story is gonna be what sticks, but until I get enough feedback and understand where I'm at, I won't know.

But that's me putting myself out there. I'm literally putting myself out there in harm's way, and I say harm's way because people are gonna tear it apart. Do I take it personally? , is it painful at times to hear the feedback because you gotta continue to change it? Yes, because it's a never ending battle, and I feel like the never ending battle is I'll never get to the finish line, and that's also a change in mindset that I've got to really work on because I will get to the finish line, once the story is put out there.

people are gonna start resonating with it, and they're going to want to come on board. They're gonna want to be on the journey that we're on. But until I get that correct and fine-tuned, nothing can happen. And you wonder why. You wonder why I, you wonder why things happen the way they do. And the struggle's been real for multiple.

I thought I was educated enough on capital rays and pitching and making sure that was done properly. I wasn't, I read a lot, I engaged as many people as I can, but clearly didn't have the right messaging, the right tools. So what can I say for my takeaways on this? I know pitch. Has been my most daunting, difficult task.

I thought I had enough in our deck or in our pitch to attract investors. I didn't. Our story was not a consistent theme across all platforms. That's changing. and I thought the ROI that we were offering was lucrative, excuse me, lucrative enough, but it wasn't. So that's gotta, that got updated.

But when you put that all together and you keep on putting stuff out there and you're not getting the re, you're not getting the ROI that you're looking. It's throwing spaghetti at the wall, hitting your head up against the wall, however you wanna say it. It's frustrating it it sucks, but I think I'm on the right path of where that, where the deck and the message has to go.

Now I just need to find my tribe and start let's say that, back that up. I need to add to my. , and what I mean by that is I need to add to my tribe locally, I'm in Arizona, outside of Phoenix. I need to be able to start integrating with people in Phoenix. Most of the people that are in my tribe today are at my table, are remote, they're across the country.

I need to be able to connect with people locally so I can actually have that connection, that one-on-one or whatever the case is. to make things happen. And of course there's other ways to do this. You can join groups like on, which I have, but most of those are still done remotely.

But I've started to connect with some people in some of those groups that I'm attending. They are local to Arizona, so we'll see if they they make the table or not, but I've gotta find other ways to connect with. that are on the same path of life and are looking to be part of a tribe, what that looks like, I don't know.

I will continue to push forward and see what I can do. And I know that kind of sounds flimsy, but it's not it is truly. I have to keep on finding ways and I don't know what those ways look like. So I have to keep on searching, looking. I'm attending, more remote mastermind like groups.

Do I meet somebody there? I don't know. Can it, can I? Sure. . But until that happens, I don't know what it's gonna look like, but I have to continue to move forward. And that's where I'm gonna wrap this up, guys and say this, I've talked about it for a lot of lot, a lot of times about not giving up.

And I've said this on the last podcast, and I'll say it again. It's okay to be brought to your knees, but you've gotta get back up every single. Failure is part of the winning process. I don't know of anybody that is alive human wise, that hasn't had failure in their life, that has succeeded, whether they're an entrepreneur, small business owner, nine to five, Johnny Side Hustle, or Janie side household, whatever, but we all fail.

It's how you react to that failure and how you. And understand where you're going with it. Cuz ultimately if you give up, you have nothing to show. It's gone. And that's not where you want to be. Guys. I know I don't want to be there. So if you got a plate full of life, you got a plate full of work or either or.

Find a way to calm your mind. I know I'm struggling with it. I'm getting through it. I'm working on it daily, but calm your mind and write down the things that you need to accomplish. Once you do that, then you can start tackling the problems head on and know that you're going to get to the other side, cuz these storms don't last.

I know it's an old adage, but they don't last, and I know that I'm gonna get through this. And get to the other side, and there's gonna be a lot of great things happening. So guys, I hope you guys have a great week. Stay safe, stay healthy, and I'll talk to you guys later.