Chasing Financial Freedom

The Entrepreneur Mindset Shift: How to Navigate the Ups and Downs‼️

May 10, 2023 Ryan DeMent Season 5 Episode 19
Chasing Financial Freedom
The Entrepreneur Mindset Shift: How to Navigate the Ups and Downs‼️
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Get ready to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with confidence as Ryan DeMent from Chasing Financial Freedom shares his personal journey, tips, and strategies for building a successful business. In this podcast, Ryan shares how he shifted his mindset to achieve financial freedom and how you can too. From overcoming real struggles to balancing passions with your 9-5, this podcast provides invaluable insights, advice, and solutions for every entrepreneur looking to succeed. Tune in and learn the art of riding the roller coaster of entrepreneurship with ease!

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The Entrepreneur Mindset Shift: How to Navigate the Ups and Downs‼️

Hey guys, Ryan Dement from Chasing Financial Freedom. Hope you guys are having a great day today on the podcast. You guys get me, ma, I wanted to follow up on an episode that I put on my la my other podcast, Chasing Happiness Podcast with Jerry McNamara, and we talked a lot about. Being a good human and doing right by others and being a better leader in the workplace.

And I wanted to follow up with that episode and talk a little bit about what we're doing, what I'm doing, but also talk about some real struggles that actually happen or have been happening. By the way, my dog mooses down on my feet. So if I look down, why? The challenge in the journey that I've been on for five plus years, being a entrepreneur full-time, 10 plus years doing side hustle, so almost five years side hustle has had a lot of ups and downs, like a roller coaster ride.

But the one thing that I can talk about in this whole process is my mindset and the shift that has actually happened. And also how I interact with others. And so let me back that up. When I worked in corporate America for 20 plus years, 25 years, I was fat and happy. You guys have heard me talk about it on the podcast.

Paycheck every other week, bonus at the end of the year, stock options sometime early in the first quarter. Didn't really have to learn how to fish, didn't need to learn how to make sure there was food on the table. Bills paid, roof over my head, clothes on my back and warm. Had two failed businesses.

Had to go back and relearn it all, but something that did not click early on while I was side hustling. This current business that I have today is a mindset shift. For some reason, the my mindset shift did not. Change, adapt, overcome, however you guys wanna look at it. Until I was hit with a bunch of different things or issues or problems, until I started realizing that, hey, I need to find a better way to do this.

I need to be able to work my way out of these holes and not just basically give up because there's been plenty of times along the way. I'll raise my hand. I've wanted to give up, just say effort and be done. And not a single time has, have I given up? Have I contemplated Yes. On my knees, yes. But during those times, my change in mindset has really got me through the most difficult, daunting periods of my life to where those things that have happened to me.

In the past have made me stronger. I know that's an old adage, but they truly have, because now what gets thrown at me on a daily basis, I'm able to digest, drink through the fire hose and be able to continue to work through it. But the thing that I want to talk to you guys about that's very personal to me is.

I needed to have some type of connection, spirituality, God, universe, whatever you need. I needed some outlet to where I could be thankful, for the things I have. And the biggest thing I'm thankful for is waking up every single day to be able to go after it and succeed in life. And I did not do that.

I'm almost 50 the majority of my life, and now all of a sudden, six, nine months into this, I, every single day after walking Moose, I go back out and a prior guest that was on the this podcast, Daniel, has an app called the God Walk app, and it walks you through seven or eight different questions, you know that you're asking yourself and it's provoking thought, and you're connecting with yourself, you're connecting with God, you're connecting with the universe.

Whatever you're connecting with. I've been doing that for close to three and a half months, and my life has changed because now I'm dialed in from a mindset perspective. And maybe this podcast, excuse me, you're gonna be about mindset, but my whole thing that I wanted to talk to you guys about is a struggle in life.

There's that old saying that, bad days don't always last, and good days don't always come along. Something to that extent, I probably butchered it. But if you're able to stay even keel and keep your mindset strong, even in the face of adversity, you change the way your outcome will be, you'll change your life.

You change the people that are around you. And that's the other thing that I talk about people that sit at your table, you're as good as the people you're surrounded by. Those people have changed over the years and through this journey. And now I'm adding new people to my table. And it's interesting what these people bring and how they're going to, they're gonna help me and I'm gonna help them.

The people that I'm adding to my table by all means, are much smarter than I am. But they've been through the tough times. They've pulled themselves out. They have financial purpose. They're putting themselves out there to help others to serve. And all of those things come back, threefold, fourfold, and I don't look at it.

Coming back, I found what made me happy. What. Made my heart happy and I'm going after it. Podcasting. I'm gonna start slinging paper. I know I started talking about it. I signed up for my, my my loan origination, pre-licensing exam yesterday. So I'm gonna start taking the 20 hour study course, gonna pass that, and then I'll get licensed in a several states after that.

I want to continue to buy existing businesses. So we're looking at that. And then side hustles, all those things are my financial purpose, which will lead up to helping others, impacting people through a nonprofit that is getting approved. I want to impact a hundred thousand people. So my, my mission, my motto and what we're doing is evolved and changed since I've started shifting my mindset to stop thinking that there's limits on what I can do.

And there's truly not. The only thing I can tell you that has changed in this whole process is I've gone from time is my most time is my most valuable asset. And money you can always earn over and over again. You can file bankruptcy, start all over again, do your thing, but time you can never get back.

So if you continue to live in the past, you're never gonna get yourself in the right place. And being able to change that mindset and stop having a limited thought process has really opened up my opportunities to being introduced to people that I otherwise would've never been introduced to. But even better yet, I've been introduced to more nos, and I say that with.

All the grace that I have out there, no, just means I'm getting closer to a yes but no means I'm continuing to put myself out there and putting myself in a situation to where I am not comfortable, and I am continuing to try and find my way about it. I might not have the answer, but I'm still out there trying and understanding exactly what's going on.

But I'm way past my comfort zone. And one of the things one of my favorite books from Grant Cardone, the 10 x Factor. I refuse to fuel fear with time. And when I'm scared, I know I'm on the right path, so I need to execute. I don't take time to think about it. I just go and I kind of wing it along the way, but in the end, It will come out.

And whether I succeed or not, at least I did it and then I learned from it. That's what I'm trying to get to you guys, is if you want a life of passion, you want to change what you're doing and you truly want to start succeeding with whatever you wanna do, you've gotta first sit down and figure out what makes you happy, and then start working your way backwards.

And one of the guests that were on this podcast talks about this. Write a list of eight to 10 things, 12 things, whatever, that you would do absolutely free because you love, and then start whittling those things down.

And once you actually put together a list of things that you are trying. To work on, then you need to start talking to people about. They're problems or those solutions they need with those services. It could be a product, whatever the case is. But once you start whittling that down and you find there's problems, guess what happens? You're able then to be able to monetize it. And that means. You can start making money with it and why not make money with something that you're truly passionate about? How many of us actually. Truly go after our passions. And work on them on a daily basis to know. That we're living a fulfilled life. I know I struggled with it for the longest time. I'm on my path. Am I, am I. Where I need to be. No. I have to work at it every single day and grind it out. But one of the biggest things that I wanted to share with you guys, Is. 

You truly can't go after your passions. If you wanted to sit on the couch and look at everybody else doing what they're doing. And when I say that's social media. Don't. 

Don't go after what's on social media, don't get me wrong. Social media is a great platform to advertise so forth. But the BS that you see on social media is truly that you're chasing the Joneses they're broke and that life that they have on there is truly not their life. What I put out there is what is what I, what you get. You're seeing me. This is my life, my struggles. They're all real. 

And. For me to be authentic. I have to be myself. But that's where it all works out for you. It may not get you a million views tomorrow, but over time being consistent and persistent with what you're doing will actually work out because ultimately that's where you want to be. Other people give up, you keep going. So to wrap this up this week, guys, I'm just, it's short, sweet, less than 20 minutes. Guys, if you want to live a life of passion, you have to connect with it and you have to go out and get it. And the only way I know how to go out and get it. Is be able to put yourself in those shoes. And start thinking about what makes you happy. And what is going to change your life and change others lives around you. Have a good one this week, guys. I hope you guys tune into the Chasing Happiness Podcast with Jerry McNamara that I, I. Referenced earlier, it will be in the show notes. I will see you guys on the flip flop, have a good one.