Chasing Financial Freedom

The Secret Skill of the Wealthy: Embracing Financial Risks

August 16, 2023 Ryan DeMent Season 5 Episode 33
Chasing Financial Freedom
The Secret Skill of the Wealthy: Embracing Financial Risks
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Are you ready to transform your financial game by taking calculated risks? Former financial advisor Rob Cook joins us to unravel the secret skill that separates the wealthy from the non-wealthy - the art of informed risk-taking. Discover how knowledge, negotiation, and investment protection play pivotal roles in wealth creation.

Venture into the world of real estate as we explore the power of passive investing. Fear of risk-taking is common, yet with the right strategies, it can be overcome. Learn how diversification, knowledge, and due diligence can alleviate fear and induce confidence. Rob shares his personal journey, moving from traditional financial advising to becoming a trusted advisor for wealthy clients and how this shift has redefined his perspective on wealth management.

As we round off this enlightening journey, wealth coach Ryan steps in, offering invaluable insights on risk management, and the art of becoming a trusted advisor. Drawing inspiration from the movie 'The Ultimate Gift', we emphasize the significance of mentoring and education in embracing financial risks. This episode is packed with a wealth of knowledge that serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone aspiring to elevate their financial standing. Get ready to reshape your financial future!

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